"Writing can be messy; full of pointless breakdowns, yelling at the computer, banging your forehead against the keyboard, and hiding under the table."
-Rachel Sammons

Friday, August 13, 2010

I Want Slippers Like That

Dragon Slippers by Jessica Day George
My sister first discovered this book (when it was on the Rebbecca Caudill list, I believe?) and she fell in love with it. I never had a desire to read it.  I'm not sure why.  Perhaps because she's younger than me and I wrongly presumed that it was child's book. Wrong. I chose over the summer to expand what I read, taste the waters, discover books I may have never usually picked up. So I was going through my sister's bookshelves and I came across this book, which I had bought for her as a present. I started to read. And read. And read. I FELL IN LOVE! This is by far one of THE best fantasy books I have read. I treasure this masterpiece. And Jessica Day George uses SUCH beautiful wording that definitely inspired me to use my language skills better.

Basically the plot of this story, is that Creel's aunt wants Creel to marry into a wealthy family and then the whole family will have an easy life. So she leaves her at the mouth of the cave of the town dragon, expecting Creel to be rescued by a handsome prince, and married, thus leaving the family in luxury. Instead, she makes a deal with the dragon to get her freedom. And this dragon (rather than collecting the usual dragon gold) has a hoard of shoes. Creel bargains for one, and picks out the most beautiful blue slippers. The dragon is very tentative about letting her take these; evidently these slippers mean much to him. But a deal is a deal, and Creel leaves with the slippers to go find work in another city, the King's Seat. She meets a charming prince, and gets a job as an apprentice dressmaker, and soon realizes that her slippers are much, much more than just slippers.

Dragon Flight
is the thrilling sequel. "Dragons are rarely quiet." -Front Cover. Read it. AFTER Slippers. You won't regret it. I really can't say much about the plot of this one, because I don't want to give anything from the first one away, but if you enjoy the first one, you'll be craving this one the second you finish Slippers.

Dragon Spear
the unbelievable ending to a beautiful trilogy. Again, I can't say much about this one without giving away the first two, but AGAIN, if you liked the first two..... You will have no choice but to read this one. It's fantastic. I can only WISH that my writing will one day be this good, as well as my stories this creative. I can truly say I am now in love with dragons. I have one in the novel I'm writing, but it was SO enlightening to read this book. I loved it.

You know that feeling after you finish a series?
That "Oh my goodness, that was amazing but... but now the series is OVER?! FOR GOOD?!"
Yeah, I hate that feeling.
I loved this books so much I can't express it, but now I have that nasty feeling in the pit of my stomach. Like I lost family, or something. Sure, I can reread them, but it's never the same! You KNOW what's going to happen, you KNOW where all the cute, unexpected lines are. And you never get to know what happens past the last book! You can imagine something, but it's never quite as creative as the books! It's that "I've read their story, and their story is never going to change. And I'm never going to know what they're up to now."



  1. Hey you thought I had bad taste well you just wait and see after Hunger Games and see if I have bad taste just kidding. See you didn't want to read it but it seems you like the book huh well you shouldn't judge you sister right just kidding or jk jk jk jk that's fun you try jkjkjkjkjkjkjkjkjk or justy like ?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! soooo fun any way see now you get inspration from the dragon into your book if you going to have dragons in there hey that would be fun to be a dragon you flying sooo awesome well still it is book unless you skipped something you know and still it is a good book even if you read it over again well I guess i get what you mean.OH and would this sound cool I might use it in my book were if you stay in the underwater too long your lungs get like a balloon or a life jacket and lift you up on the surface of the water, because i swear my lungs do that to me because if i stay down i start going up even if i am trying to go down so I would like to hear your idea thanks!!?!?!?! awesome

  2. sorry for the long comments I don't notice until i post it sorry and i forget to say or i could have said it oooohh well.