"Writing can be messy; full of pointless breakdowns, yelling at the computer, banging your forehead against the keyboard, and hiding under the table."
-Rachel Sammons

Friday, January 28, 2011

A Day of *Sniffle* Writing

Hello lovely readers! Or, um, reader. But whatever.

I have been under the weather lately.  Which actually has turned out to be decent writing time for me. Yay!

I have extensively drafted the Ember outline.  I am SO proud of finally getting it done today!  I must say, at times it was rather frustrating.  But I am so thrilled with how seamlessly it all came together.  I can't wait to one day share Ember's story with you.

I have rewritten the first six chapters.  Though I say 'rewrite', to me, it feels like the first time I'm writing it, because I have drastically changed the story to make it much more interesting.  So it still feels like a first draft to me.  And yes, it's rough.  But its a heck of a lot better, I can guarantee you that.

I have such plans in store for Ember that I ought to go write them. With a blanket, a cough drop, and a box of Kleenex.  But I shall write it!

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